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Singapore Musings

Looking out into the Marina Bay Sands

The Fullerton Bay Hotel on the other side

On Her Own Two Feet

Go girl. Maybe it was the beauty of Singapore. Or the stunning views of the Marina Bay Sands that prompted this little girl to stand up and not just walk, but run. RUN! She screamed in both delight and fear. Does she really have to grow up?

  • Oh, where did the time go!
  • We should teach her to snowboard next! (haha)
  • I already miss her baby-ness.

I Second That Emotion

It was just like yesterday that these boys were babies. And now look at them. They eat more than I do! It’s gut-wrenching. Children all over the world, growing up right before our very eyes. And we can’t do anything about it, except love them. Love them just as they are. Embrace them when they reach out for you and loosen your grip a bit when they take little steps out into the world. It’s what we are here for. To shine a light on them that they can in turn brighten the world with.

Put Your Head on my Shoulder

I still find it such a miracle when any of my children use me as a pillow. Seriously. I do. One day, they will be taller than I am. My arms that have carried them will be empty. They will stretch their smiles out into the far corners of the Earth, but for now, I say to them, come here my darlings. Put your head on my shoulder. I shall sing you lullabies. I shall keep you warm and safe. I shall kiss those sleep-laden eyes until your most precious dreams become your reality.


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