Family Travel

Bali Is Very Real, Even Though It Looks Like A Figment Of Our Imagination

Let me start off by saying, we ate a lot in Bali. It was pretty hard not to.

Pineapple with a side of baby drool anyone?

Our eyes also feasted. There was So. Much. Color.  Rainbow, anyone? Yes and more yes.

Everything about Bali encouraged:

  • Mindfulness
  • Gratitude
  • Beauty
  • Introspection

“I’ll trade you my wealth for a coconut tree.” I’m pretty sure I must have said this in a past life.

We walked this path everyday from our room to where breakfast was served. Sometimes we ALMOST missed breakfast because we lingered awhile admiring everything.

We made friends with the locals

And at night, we listened to the monks chanting in the monastery next door.

And we were lost in the impermance, the godliness, and the nothingness of it all.


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