Family Travel

Philippines, The One Place We Need To Return To

So much joy!

How can I turn back time, go back, and take more photos of the Philippines? I was just in so much awe of it all, my eyes refused to put on a camera lens.

Watching With Intent

We just looked and looked and looked.

And Looked.

And A Lot of the Times We Would See Things That Allowed Us to Feel

He will feed his family with what little he has caught. He is there every single morning. My life has changed, but his will most likely remain the same.

His children join him.

What good is a life if it cannot earn its keep? There is beauty in good and honest work.

  1. Remember. Don’t ever forget this.
  2. Teach it to your children.
  3. Tell them to teach it to their children.

Be Where You Are. Work hard at what you do. Do it Well.


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