Exploring Northern California Beaches For The First Time

We live in Northern California, 40 minutes from the city of San Francisco, 3 hours from Lake Tahoe, and two hours away from the beautiful Santa Cruz beaches. We absolutely love where we live! We’ve been hitting up the mountains and hiking, but this weekend, we decided it was time to hit the beach.

We drove down to Watsonville, Ca, known for their strawberry farms. This place is straight out of a Steinbeck novel. The strawberry farms sit literally right next to the beach. It’s incredible! Not to mention all the gorgeous flowers that line the roads and the beaches here. As you can imagine, the smells were incredibly fragrant.

Beach Babe In Her Beach House

Kick! Just give her a ball and she’ll be happy all day long! On my to-do-list the next time we hit the beach:

  • I keep forgetting to get her a shovel and bucket.
  • Bring more balls to kick.

I swear I brought them swim trunks but they just ran into the water in regular clothes!

Kids and water. One of the happiest combinations.

Diggin’ For My Treasures

They are digging for theirs.

We never go to the beach without a kite. It’s so simple and yet such a magical “toy.”

She was squealing with joy trying to catch the kite.

I feel so much joy here in California. Every day feels exciting and brand new.

  1. I feel creative.
  2. I feel alive.
  3. I am bursting with light.
  4. Each day feels like it’s loaded with adventure, even the mundane day to day chores.
  5. I am starting to write again. This blog is just the beginning.
  6. My heart is full.
  7. I am ready to spread this joy with the world.

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