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When A Hero’s Journey Involves A Pop-Up Camper

I know. I’ll be the first to tell you that pop-up campers are not exactly the stuff fairy tales are made of. The greatest romances of our time did not exactly involve a tent on wheels. But bear with me one moment, leave all sensibilities at the removeable pop-up door (cursed thing is always so hard to set up), and I will tell you the story of how one little camper transformed a family’s life.

What… is your quest?

It all started innocently enough as that is how these things usually begin. What do I mean?

  • Let’s go on a road trip!
  • Let’s drive across the country!
  • Let’s go on a road trip and drive across the country in a pop-up camper!
  • Only crazy people do that! Let’s do it!

And then they were off. Befittingly, the camper they bought was named Freedom.

And they went everywhere. And they saw everything.

They learned to laugh at Nothing. Nothing is far too serious anyway. Fear came by to see how things were going at one point, but even that miserable coward could not find the room to fit in their cozy little camper that was perfect just for them.  And so Fear promptly left to find a politician’s home, I imagine!

And when Bravery heard the news, she came over for dinner and decided to stay and make herself at home. She was warmly welcomed. There is always room at the door for the following:

  • Dreamers
  • Imagination Builders

I could tell you that they fought dragons along the way, but this isn’t that kind of story. A lot of fire was made, however, and plenty of marshmallows were sacrificed.

And then somewhere between the long stretch of empty roads and intermittent cell signals, they started to see things differently. Life became less about waiting for seconds and minutes and hours to pass and became more about:

  • exchanging heartfelt words and stories with strangers
  • seeing all the breadcrumbs the Universe was leaving behind to let them know they were on the right path
  • letting their hearts lead the way.

And when their journey came to an end, Change was waiting with his favorite book, appropriately titled, “The Great Unknown.”

“It’s not at all worth reading,” he laughed. (Change has always been a bit on the strange side.)

“The beginning starts out a bit shaky, the middle is still…”  And at this point he shrugs.  “And well, we all know how it’s going to end anyway,” he says gravely.

“It’s what’s in-between the lines that matters,” says the Mother.

“The truth is not found alone in the words, but in the actions,” says the Father.

Change looks at them in silence for a moment. Then, as if waking out of some distant memory, he gives a shake of his head. “Well, what am I hanging around here for then?” Change says as he sips the last bit of his Honest tea. “By the way, is that camper of yours for sale? I’ve got a couple whose grandchildren would love a turn at that.”

“Why, yes!”the family chimed together. In the span of this conversation, the family’s house had sold, their things were packed, and Adventure was waiting excitedly at the door, bags packed.

“Is everyone ready?” she practically squeals in delight.

No one said a word. They just nod their heads, and off, they GO!

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