Family Meditation

The Start Of My Gratitude Album

It was brought to my heart’s attention today that I needed to write. After all, it is Mother’s Day, a joy of all joy days, the day where mothers like myself celebrate the deepest truths about our existence – that we are here to give love, to be loved, to BE LOVE.  But as I started thinking about motherhood and what it means to me, the words simply would not write themselves.  I sat there thinking and suddenly I was hit full force – runaway train, brakes are out, we are off the rails into the familiar yet unknown, type of force. This was recognizable territory, just wrapped in a slightly different aromatic foliage than what I am normally accustomed to. What I needed to write to send into the aether was not really about motherhood, though it is from the same source. What my heart wanted to put forth into the world were words of gratitude. For gratitude is the root where all joy and happiness and love, yes love, blossom from.

The Gratitude Album

I am accustomed to the acts of thankfulness. But I needed to manifest this in a more tangible way. What I needed to create this Mother’s Day was a space where I can openly capture all the simplest and most overlooked details of my day-to-day life that, nevertheless, bring me so much joy. I needed to capture and memorialize the unembellished and unornamentalized.
Things like:

  • the books that are currently drawing me in,
  • the way the palm trees in our backyard play in the breeze,
  • the Easter Island-like statues that grace our backyard in silent majesty,
  • the golden California sunshine that has been keeping us strong and happy.

Welcoming The Heart’s Intelligence

The heart knows it all, long before the brain admits agreement to the incessant beat, and finally  says, You were right! Yes, love, love, LOVE DEEPLY and always with GRATITUDE. It is the gratitude that keeps you grounded so that you do not get swept away, not under the rug, not over the ocean, not even to the moon, unless it is your desire to go. For love in whatever form it comes, will always want to move you. But only gratitude will allow it to grow.

To view my daily Gratitude Album, you can click HERE

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