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The Ritual Magick Of Tent Camping And Hiking 8,000 Ft Above Sea Level

Real magick, if you are searching for it, is in the most obvious of places. It is not dressed in fancy garb and flashy fireworks displays. Real magick is humble and unassuming, swirling in the air around you, simply waiting for you to take hold of it and letting it work wonders in your daily life. After having driven 11,000 miles all over the US and Canada in a pop-up camper, we went back to the basics and tent camped this Memorial Day weekend in the magnificent Sierra National Forest. We quickly re-discovered how magickal tent camping can be.

The Rituals Of Tent Camping

In order to harness magick, there is a ritual to tent camping that must be observed in order to cleanse ourselves of the trappings of modern life.

  • Surround yourself in nature away from Wi-Fi and cell signal. We drove through an incredibly varied and often times stark landscape in order to arrive at our camping destination.

This is the view looking down into our campsite.

  • Set up your tent. invoke the protection of the Spirits that inhabit the woods.

  • Light a fire and thank the trees for their service for even firewood (though seeming lifeless) has an energetic vibration. This is one of our favorite parts about camping.

  • Nourish yourself. You will be absorbing more wavelengths of light out in nature than you would if you were at home, so eating well and staying strong is paramount to be able to hold all that light within.

  • ¬†Reflect with loved ones. Time is of no importance in nature. So take longer pauses, sit in stillness a bit longer, collect nature’s treasures (the pine cones at this campground were just perfect specimens!), and allow magick weave its spell on you in the form of the scent of a campfire.

The Hidden Door

Nature is the portal out of the unforgiving, unrelenting machine that is modern life. The doorways to it are hidden, you must find it yourself. You must search for it in every branch, every leaf, every drop of moisture from the skies. But when you find it, your reward is unparalleled beauty that calls to your soul to awaken and live.

Camping 7,000 ft above sea level meant that when we hiked up a mountain, we gained another 1,000 ft or so. We hiked the Rancheria Falls Trailhead which started at 7,200 ft above sea level. And the most spectacular part of the hike aside from the green giants was the SNOW!

The last bit of snow clinging on to the ground despite summer’s insistent arrival of day time heat made the landscape feel as if we were somewhere between the fringes of reality and imagination.

And so, to our hearts’ delights, we played as the children we all are in Mother Nature’s ever-loving eyes.

And played!

Transforming the Four Dimensional States of Being

The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of ourselves need to continuously grow if we are to find hope and meaning in our existence. Tent camping is one of the gateways to that growth for it allowed us to bathe ourselves in Nature. The children ran around barefoot, grounded in the Earth.

Pine pitch seeped itself into our fingers and toes, anointing the preciousness of our beings.

We sat in stillness, in appreciation of our views as the cerulean lake and snow capped mountain views directly across our campsite was a lovely sight.

We told stories around the camp fire. Little House has been our bedtime reading prior to going camping, so it was only  fitting that we brought it with us.

No story is greater though, than the story that unfolds right before your very eyes.

As darkness fell on our campsite, we were always left with the feeling that being present in our moment meant that all is right in our world. That is simply how magick, tent camping magick in the right hands, works. It transforms the underlying mechanisms of your reality so that when you do return home and look in the mirror, you see the Divinity, burning brightly within you.

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