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This Is How You Live So You Transform Lead Into Gold

We woke up one morning, rubbed the dream from our eyes, and wondered, “How do we live so we transform lead into gold?” No one had the answer. But I knew who to ask – “Hurry, let’s go to the Sea, who is older than time, and ask her. She would know.” And off we went.

We got there. The tide was out. The Sea was far off in the distance. We rolled up our pants, determined to reach her, but didn’t make it very far.

— Mussels in their beds, basking in the sun, soaking in rays to feed their tangerine centers.

Not lead. No gold though.

We spotted a world in the palm of our hands. We cradled it gently, beckoning its occupant to say hello.

— The little dweller poked its head out, sensing it wasn’t alone. But then it grew afraid and curled itself back in again and we missed out on each other’s beauty.

Perhaps some lead. Still no gold though.

The baby bends down to look at something. “Treasure!” she yells excitedly. “Come see!”

— A beautiful sea anemone, of shimmering greens and blues, hundreds of years old, danced in its watery stage.


We stood riveted in our realization.

This is how you live so you can transform lead into gold.

Go to theĀ  sea,

Find your mussel bed to lay on,

And soak the sun in.

Come out of your shell,

Don’t let fear tempt you back in.

Dance and shimmer,

Laugh and live.

So all that weight you carry,

Becomes more precious than gold.


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