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Chasing The Lions Gate Portal

When the Earth, our Sun, and the star Sirius align at specific points in the heavens, it activates what is called The Lions Gate Portal. Positive vibrational energy abounds during the opening of the Lions Gate Portal, so we decided we had to absorb as much of this energy as possible. We made it our mission to chase the sunset every day of the week of the height of the strength of the portal opening, which is the week of Aug 8th.

Energetic “Pollution”

I love this planet! But it is a planet of duality, which means that we are inundated with both positive and negative vibrations. If we are not careful and mindful, often times we might attract more negative vibrations. Before we even consciously realize what is happening, we are filled with energetic “pollution,” clouding our thinking, wreaking havoc on our emotions and it takes conscious effort to let go and remove the negativity. So we used the Lions Gate Portal energy to help rid ourselves of negative energy through:

  • Meditation
  • Setting Intentions
  • Writing and Expressing Gratitude
  • Sending Love Out Into The Universe

Eclipse Season and the Winds Of Change

August is eclipse season! Eclipses are one of those magickal events that not only signal a change in the cosmos, but a change in us as well, whether we are ready for it or not. These changes force us into taking much-needed actions in our lives. We can either choose to welcome the change and enjoy the journey or resist it and feel as if we are not in control – a common lie that is often believed by many. We are always in control and the Universe simply present opportunities for us to continuously grow.

The Why

During our hikes, we have a lot of discussions on why the world is the way that it is. And  inevitably, the question of “Why am I here?” always comes up. And then even more questions arise from that.

The why’s are endless. And then a little rabbit will hop timidly out of a bush and have us chasing after it. A bird will soar over our heads, lifting our eyes to the heavens.  The wind will blow in our faces, making the leaves on the tress chant, and all of it reminds us to keep moving. We simply are, just as everything else is, and we find contentment in that. The why is forgotten.

Holding Beautiful Space

Holding Beautiful Space is easy when you are surrounded by it. But when you get back to the dust of everyday life, suddenly that space loses a bit of its shine and you’re no longer holding a thing of beauty, but carrying a burden that is impossible to put down. And this is where Gratitude comes in. Gratitude is the magnet that attracts all things glorious that make your space beautiful.

I am more and more reminded of this during Eclipse season – that finding the beauty and the joy in all the infinite steps we have to take in life has always been left up to us.


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