Family Homeschool

The Constant Gardeners

Dear Aleksander and Gavin,

Today, you are starting 4th and 2nd grade. But in reality, I want you to look at this new school year as another way to download information. Yes, I know that formal education is a painfully slow way of downloading knowledge, but it is a necessary step in order to learn how to process more complex pieces of information that you will encounter as your consciousness expands.

You see, you are born with an incredible piece of machinery, the hardware called your brain. Your hardware has been especially equipped with your very own innate abilities, natural-born talents, and characteristics that all together result in a combination that is unique to you. Everything that you will ever need to know about the world will be stored in that hardware.

All the tools that you will ever need to know in order to formulate an intelligent output is stored in that hardware. This is why we are downloading information in a painfully sluggish way. Your hardware isn’t perfect, it needs time to grow into its own strengths. You will also discover weaknesses along the way. We will spend time together enhancing and upgrading your strengths so that you will have the confidence to confront, understand, and improve on any weaknesses.

Our goal as your parents and as your teachers is to help you gain the necessary software, life programs you can run in your hardware, to filter all the world’s information in a way that serves your Highest Self, which in turn, I hope you will then use to serve mankind’s Greatest Good.

As you know, I keep talking about our garden and I have yet to actually plant anything. Well, this school year, I want you to think of your schooling as the garden on which we will plant many seeds and it is up to you to determine exactly what you want to see grow and exactly how big you want them to grow. Your garden has no limits except what you set on it.

The world in its current state has dire need of gardeners. Modern-day gardeners who can harness both their hardware and software, to code, create and grow little seedlings of ideas into flowering creative solutions for life’s most pest-ridden problems.

I hope our time of learning together will help you realize what a privilege it is to understand what is lacking in the world and how you are part of the movement to find ways to fill it. There are no rule books set in stone. We alter our software whenever necessary and whenever our situation calls for it. This is why your dad and I have chosen to homeschool you. So that you run your own programs, find your own way of reasoning, so that your consciousness does not lay dormant, and you think for yourselves.

You will also realize, as I’m sure you already have, that adults, especially your parents, do not know everything. Like you, I too need to continuously learn and download new software so that my thinking and thought processes do not become irrelevant and outdated. With all this in mind, together, side by side and on equal footing, we will embark on finding out the answers to life’s most pressing question – “Why?” And whatever answers may arise out of that questioning, you need not be anything in response to it, but yourself.

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