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There Is Time Enough, After It’s Gone

We have so much time and so little to do. Strike that, reverse it. — Roald Dahl

I have become obsessed with time lately, but not in the sense that I am constantly keeping an eye on it. In fact, it’s been quite the opposite. I hardly ever look at the clock. My fixation on time has sprung from the idea that I can make a minute last longer than I ever have in my life. Suddenly, waking up and realizing that, ahead of me, I have 24 hours of brand new, unspoiled, unspent time that I can draw from feels nothing short of a miracle.

Looking back, I realize now where my mistake has been.

Like most people, I had fallen into the trap of spending my time before it even occurred.

I penciled in as many activities as I could squeeze in for us in a short span of time. After all, what is time for if it could not be spent? By doing so, I was inadvertently, wasting away the present moment in fear of losing time tomorrow and tomorrow after that. It was a vicious cycle. At the end of each day, I was always left with the question of, “Where did the time go?” There was this illusion that seemed there is time enough, but never realized, only after it was gone.

I grew tired that time was constantly running away from me. And so I chose to end the cycle, stopped scheduling every moment of every day, and start with a blank slate – start anew.

The strangest thing happened.

I didn’t gain more time, not in the way I thought I would. Instead, I suddenly had all the time there is.

So I started spending my time more meaningfully. Every minute that passes is a minute that can be used to serve my Greater Good as opposed to just “passing the time.” I discovered that with each passing hour, I could transform myself. Is there any greater freedom than this realization? The idea that the better you is just a minute away is exhilarating.

The expectations of modern, everyday life, is still there, constantly knocking on the door. But I have learned to discern and listen for what’s important through the noise. By doing so, I have gained more time and even greater meaning.

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