Family Meditation

Sunlight through Sunflowers

John Muir reflects in his book, My First Summer in Sierra,”

“Beauty beyond thought everywhere, beneath, above, made and being made forever. I gazed and gazed and longed and admired until the dusty sheep and packs were far out of sight, made hurried notes and a sketch, though there was no need of either, for the colors and lines and expression of this divine landscape-countenance are so burned into mind and heart they surely can never grow dim.”

His words are befitting of the way the sun danced it’s way into our kitchen table today, tapped me on the shoulder while I was sketching and writing and asked me to take a walk moment to perceive through the quantum domain.

Scientists concede that through our 5 senses, we only perceive 1% of the physical reality around us, use only 10% of our brain capacity, and use only 3% of our DNA in order to live. What this all really means is that the majority of us are not living anywhere near our full pontential.

But what does it mean to live to our full potential? When we look back to the greatest thinkers in ancient history, we can begin to formulate an answer. Pythagoras, the great mathematician, is said to have been able to hear the movement of the planets as a symphony, also known as the music of the spheres. Nikola Tesla, the great inventor, believed in harnessing powerful energy from the aether.

These individuals believed that there is a Greater Consciousness we can access, which would supply us with an infinite amount of inspiration. How to access it is the question. It seems meditation is the answer.

Meditation is more than just sitting in quiet space and attempting to be devoid of thought. Meditation can also be sitting in stillness watching the sunlight filtering through the sunflowers. It is awareness. And it is through this awareness, through meditation from which life’s greatest answers may come.

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