Shakin’ Dogs

We recently watched a video of the fine arts artist, Iris Scott, Over at, who creates these amazing artworks using her fingers. Her work is mesmerizing to look at, full of so much life and energy That you can’t help but smile just by looking at them. Our absolute favorite work she does is what she calls “shakin’ dogs,” which are fingerprints she has done of dogs shaking water off themselves. Her color palette is astounding and I find myself feeling happy just by staring at her work.

I knew we had to re-create these incredible works of art in our classroom in our own way.

Aleksander’s dog, 10yo

It’s just incredible to me that I showed all three of my kids Iris Scott’s work, but each of them had their own interpretation of what they saw. My 10 year old stayed the most faithful to Iris Scott’s style.

Gavin’s dog, 8yo

My 8yo decided that his needed a more Jackson Pollock style of expressionist movement, which at first, I felt doubtful about, but the finished product turned out to be so full of energy that I think, in the end, he made the right call.

Kennedy’s dog, 4yo

Last, but certainly not least, my 4yo couldn’t re-create the fine paint splatters, so she ended up first painting a color mos of white and blue across, then creating round dots all around her dog using her fingers. I love that the dots give off this retro, groovy vibe.

Overall, we loved this project. It was very easy and quick to do!


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