What’s Under Our Microscope Lately?

My 5yo has been obsessed with crystal growing recently. We purchased a crystal growing kit from our local Michaels store and proceeded to make a rainbow of crystals that are blooming on our classroom windowsill.

Once they’ve grown, we break a little piece off and inspect those pieces under our microscope. It is always such an incredible surprise to look at something and think you know what it is in its entirety, but when you look a little closer, it is so much more. What appears simple on initial viewing is actually full of beautiful and surprising complexities.

I found this exercise such a great metaphor to the things we do in our lives. How we go through our busy and hurried days, seeing only the surface of most moments. It is only when we pause and allow ourselves the time to gaze intently on what has piqued our curiosity do we then allow ourselves the opportunity to arrive at startling awareness of the beauty of things that perhaps had escaped us before.

Looking at things “under the microscope” of our mind’s eye takes on so much greater meaning. It’s an invitation to delve and dive even deeper and peel back the layers of what we know to get to places we may have arrived at only in short glimpses. Or, if we’re lucky, this closer look may take us on a journey to parts of ourselves where we have never been that cause us to awaken to our creativity.

Here are a few other things that are under my microscope lately:

  • I have been using Clubhouse and loved it initially, joining conversations, mostly business related, every single day the first month I joined. Now that the honeymoon period is over, I find that it is a social media outlet that I like to use a handful of times a week and I need the break in between.
  • I just tried out Quilt , which is almost exactly like Clubhouse except focused on self-care. I like the more relaxed conversations that really do feel like you are hanging out with a group of friends instead of sitting in the office, which is how Clubhouse feels like to me sometimes.
  • I launched a free educational network on Discord with a handful of educator friends and am looking forward to serving our community of educators, parents, and students and provide them with quality events.

I have also made it a point to start writing a blog post daily, without fail, so this is the start of that!

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