I was reading one of my favorite newsletters, one that I actually still receive in the snail-mail and sit down on my kitchen table to read with a cup of tea. It’s an excellent newsletter written by Dan Louzonis, a brilliant homeschool dad and founder of The Einstein Blueprint.

Many of Dan’s philosophies, which revolve around education and accelerated learning resonate with my values. He does not sugar-coat what it takes to raise whole, empowered, and intelligent kids. His emphasis is on parents becoming educated themselves, becoming very involved in their kids learning, and setting the example. Setting the example typically means putting the phone down, the screen away, and reading books that expand and grow your mind.

In the January issue of his The Einstein Blueprint Report newsletter, he shared this image below created by Evan Carmichael, entrepreneur, Youtuber, and author.

I love this image as it speaks so much to a transformation that I feel I have gone through over the course of my life. While a lot of friends and family I know have remained largely the same, stayed in the same place, worked at the same jobs, and have the same exact routines, so much of my life has been under constant change.

Over the last few years, I had traveled the world with my husband and kids, sold our house, moved to California, bought a new house, traveled some more, and then Covid happened, putting a halt to the travels. My evolution has also been so much more than just physical movement.

There has been a dramatic shift in who I have perceived myself to be as well. It has morphed from being someone who never really recognized her innates talents and gifts to now being able to embrace them and coming to a knowing that I am just at the beginning of this journey. I wake up everyday, eager to learn and because of this, I am becoming more effective at what I do and better able to function withour limitation.

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