Committed Bananas!

I came across this tweet that was mentioned by Dense Discovery’s newsletter and it literally stopped me in my tracks.

It’s obviously an oversimplified version of what our society has evolved or, some might say, devolved into. I read this and felt hurt by it. I think this is because there are two sides of me. One side greatly admires those who find extreme success and make it to the cover of Forbes. I know that their success is the product of hard work, tremendous effort, and oftentimes significant sacrifices. But there is also the other side of me that acknowledges how unfair the system can be and that, certainly, those with greater resources have an unfair advantage.

This is where this commencement speech by Harvard Graduate Speaker Pete Davis comes in. In this speech, Davis refers to how we have this tendency to “keep our options” open. For example, more often than not, instead of committing to watching one show on Netflix, we would keep scrolling through trailers until we’ve watched so many trailers that after a while we just give up and call it a night.

While the infinite scrolling may seem like an unrelated jump from a contemplation on the wealthy, hoarding elite, I see where the lesson is it in for me. I think that chasing monetary success alone, seeking the power that comes with it, is not a satisfactory life for me. It is a door that glitters seductively but every time I have come close to opening it, it never feels quite right.

The motivation behind the successes I wish to see in the world for myself is born out of a desire to help and create something of value to others. This video is a reminder to hone in on that desire and mold it into the vehicle that will propel my thoughts, ideas, and efforts towards a goal that aligns with my idea of success.

This blog is the beginning of that journey outside of the hallway and the choosing of a door. The door that feels difficult, but feels the right way to go. The words I write, while still feeling ephemeral at moment, offer a glimmer of what waits for me on the other side.

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