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What’s Under Our Microscope Lately?

My 5yo has been obsessed with crystal growing recently. We purchased a crystal growing kit from our local Michaels store and proceeded to make a rainbow of crystals that are blooming on our classroom windowsill. Once they’ve grown, we break a little piece off and inspect those pieces under our …

Shakin’ Dogs

We recently watched a video of the fine arts artist, Iris Scott, Over at, who creates these amazing artworks using her fingers. Her work is mesmerizing to look at, full of so much life and energy That you can’t help but smile just by looking at them. Our absolute …
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The Constant Gardeners

Dear Aleksander and Gavin, Today, you are starting 4th and 2nd grade. But in reality, I want you to look at this new school year as another way to download information. Yes, I know that formal education is a painfully slow way of downloading knowledge, but it is a necessary …