Shakin’ Dogs

We recently watched a video of the fine arts artist, Iris Scott, Over at, who creates these amazing artworks using her fingers. Her work is mesmerizing to look at, full of so much life and energy That you can’t help but smile just by looking at them. Our absolute …

Mountains are the Cure

You know those days when you feel the funk of negative narratives cluttering around somewhere in your mind? Climb steep hills and mountains. Burns off all that. The views are nice too.


How about a dance with a teddy bear? In a rainbow, a-line skater dress, no less, that flares out so you can’t see your feet while you twirl that fluffy brown stuffed animal until you’re not sure anymore which is spinning, you or the world. And the only way to …


My day started at 3:17am today. Whaaaat?! Yeah, I know. And I don’t even drink coffee, which means that I run on pure, unadulterated zest for life. Haaa! What this really translates to is that I had a whole list of things I wanted to get done today and maybe …

Quiet Evolutions

We watched a bird, likely a house finch, take its last breath in Matthew’s hands the other day. She and her mate had been attacked by blue jays. The wing on the left is what was left of the male. One of the blue jays had her by the neck …