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Singapore Musings

Looking out into the Marina Bay Sands The Fullerton Bay Hotel on the other side On Her Own Two Feet Go girl. Maybe it was the beauty of Singapore. Or the stunning views of the Marina Bay Sands that prompted this little girl to stand up and not just walk, …

That Time We Sold Our House 3 Days Before Christmas

Christmas With Us, the Crazies…errr…I mean Earleys On the 3rd day before Christmas, my true love said to me, “House is sold!” Wait, that’s not how the song goes does it? Not really. But that’s what we did anyway. Crazy facts on the day we closed on our house: We …

Aleksander, Gavin, Kennedy

Finding The Sun We needed it. We needed warmth. And in North Carolina, the day after Christmas, we had found it. Soaking It In These Three  Are All I Need