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Family Homeschool

The Constant Gardeners

Dear Aleksander and Gavin, Today, you are starting 4th and 2nd grade. But in reality, I want you to look at this new school year as another way to download information. Yes, I know that formal education is a painfully slow way of downloading knowledge, but it is a necessary …

Exploring Northern California Beaches For The First Time

We live in Northern California, 40 minutes from the city of San Francisco, 3 hours from Lake Tahoe, and two hours away from the beautiful Santa Cruz beaches. We absolutely love where we live! We’ve been hitting up the mountains and hiking, but this weekend, we decided it was time …

That Time We Sold Our House 3 Days Before Christmas

Christmas With Us, the Crazies…errr…I mean Earleys On the 3rd day before Christmas, my true love said to me, “House is sold!” Wait, that’s not how the song goes does it? Not really. But that’s what we did anyway. Crazy facts on the day we closed on our house: We …