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Family Meditation

The Start Of My Gratitude Album

It was brought to my heart’s attention today that I needed to write. After all, it is Mother’s Day, a joy of all joy days, the day where mothers like myself celebrate the deepest truths about our existence – that we are here to give love, to be loved, to …
Family Travel

When A Hero’s Journey Involves A Pop-Up Camper

I know. I’ll be the first to tell you that pop-up campers are not exactly the stuff fairy tales are made of. The greatest romances of our time did not exactly involve a tent on wheels. But bear with me one moment, leave all sensibilities at the removeable pop-up door …

Exploring Northern California Beaches For The First Time

We live in Northern California, 40 minutes from the city of San Francisco, 3 hours from Lake Tahoe, and two hours away from the beautiful Santa Cruz beaches. We absolutely love where we live! We’ve been hitting up the mountains and hiking, but this weekend, we decided it was time …